The Danger of Governments

You might think that government is there to protect you and take care of you. But we have seen over the years that is not strictly true. In many cases the government is run by avaricious and/or incompetent creatures who don’t have the people’s interests at heart. They would rather dance to the whims of crazed ideologues with destructive agendas.

Fortunately today, the farmers in California have been granted a reprieve after the government shut down their access to water over a delta smelt. A judge has ruled that the study that supported that stupid decision was based on junk science and that the edict to shut off the water to the central valley farm belt was “arbitrary” and “capricious.”

“Despite the harm visited on California water users, (the Fish and Wildlife Service) has failed to provide lawful explanations for the apparent over-appropriation of project water supplies for species protection,” Wanger wrote. “The public cannot afford sloppy science and uni-directional prescriptions that ignore California’s water needs.”

The fact is, they have harmed many farms in the course of this long, bitter debate. Thousands of people have been effected, lost work, lost business. Food prices have soared as once productive farms have laid fallow. Food prices have gone up because of this and insane edicts on ethanol which is made from corn. Corn goes into everything, so ethanol has raised corn prices and has effected almost every food on the market. Government makes things worse for people. Not better.

A good example is the lawsuit filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest against McDonalds for putting toys in happy meals. This group, which is an enemy of consumer choice and freedom, is in fact allied with statist bureaucrats in California who would love to see such a lawsuit pay off. It would open the way for them to sue fast food companies for marketing their products to children the way they did against big tobacco. Fast food companies are rich targets and government have become, in these times, a form of organized crime looking for marks to fleece.

When they can steal enough from people in the form of taxes, licenses and fees, they can sue them.

This is why we need limited government, to reign in the corrupt practices of bureaucrats and prevent them from preying on the public. The delta smelt issue has effected people all over the country and the world as it has harmed California’s agriculture belt which was one of the biggest produce producing regions globally. It has harmed the California economy and the livelihoods of untold thousands of people all for some fish which may or may not even be in danger.

Such is the danger of unchecked power in the hands of so called elites.

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