The Dems are Frauds

In case you needed more evidence, here it is. These people have become a utter joke.

Seeing no prospect of a bipartisan agreement on health care, Congressional Democrats said Friday that they would make another effort to pass sweeping health care legislation on their own.

If anything, Democrats said, their seven-hour meeting with President Obama and Republicans on Thursday confirmed their belief that it was futile to try to work with Republicans on a major health care bill because the philosophical differences between the parties were too profound.

If you saw that alleged Health Care summit the only thing they did was ignore everything the Republicans said and repeated their talking points which the public has already rejected. So they plan to use reconciliation which was not designed for something this big and the excuse they’re using is the Republicans wouldn’t cooperate. In other words, they did not knuckle under.

The Democrats show no interest in listening to the will of the people. They use double talk and lies to say that the people really agree with them. If they pass this bill the way they claim, several things can still happen. It can be sued and then the Supreme courts can kill it or parts of it. Or, if Republicans regain the majority or enough seats, they can defund the bill and kill it that way. I would rather not trust either of those things to happen. Republicans are showing a spine now, but will they next year? I would rather not have to find out. But we can hope that enough Democrats won’t go along with this madness. Pelosi and Reid are throwing their party members under the bus. They know that voting for this will kill their election chances. The smart ones will vote against it. The question is, are there enough crazy ideologues to get it through. That’s the concern.

Honestly, these people are beyond the pale. They are far worse in reality than any thing they accused Republicans of a few years ago.

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  1. Hi Hud. I hope that if we do get another shot ( 1994 revisited), that we keep ‘Newt’ out of it.According to ‘The Prince of Darkness’, when he did get the power, he got bored and it died, and us with it. Cordially Charles

  2. Agreed.

    Most of the retired/out-of-power Republicans politicians are RINO’s or Moderates.

    The most Left-Wing Repubs show up on CNN and the alphabet soup networks, other RINO’s and Moderates show up on Fox. (Don’t let Huckabee, Romney, and Brown fool you. They are Moderates at best!)

    These are the LAST guys you want in power! They will bend or act according to their own political interests (see John McCain) instead of what’s better for the country and the part of the electorate that works for a living…

    True Conservatives or better yet, Libertarians, would be much better than what we have in power now.

    Most concern about TC’s is them getting bogged down in divisive moral issues that should be left to the electorate and not the friggin’ trial lawyers and courts. There are serious economic problems that need to be addressed first as well as retrenching the bureaucracy that’s engulfing things like a supermassive black hole.

  3. I personally don’t believe govt has any business interfering in people’s personal lives. That should be something that families and communities decide for themselves. Government should only do what it was chartered to do originally and no more.

    That is where I part company with TCs as you call them. I am against the state telling people how to live their lives, IF they aren’t committing any crimes (which should be restricted to obvious crimes) it isn’t the governments business.

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