The Fascists are Coming!

The FCC is set to rule on “Net Neutrality” this week, which another name for government regulation of internet providers, which means a foot in the door for bureaucrats to start controling access to the internet with endless new laws and regulations. They’re planning to make their move this week, right before Christmas when they think it will go unnoticed. And in the UK they are planning to block all “adult sites”. You have to ask your ISP for access to see them. Which means you will be on record somewhere for asking to see adult sites.

And let’s not forget the UN, who is urging for control of the internet by China and Saudi Arabia, two of the most repressive nations on earth, because of Wikileaks. As I said, Wikileaks is only terrorizing the bureaucrats and we’re seeing what they’re made of.

The internet you’ve known and loved up till now may be a thing of the past if these various statists get their way.

With the world economy teetering, leaders more imbecilic and corrupt than ever, the freedom of the internet is very dangerous to those who want to control the public. It’s no surprise that they are feeling their grip on power slipping. There is a palatable anger out there from many sides. From left and right, from religious to atheist. Riots are breaking all over. Chaos is on the rise.

We may be in for some really dark times and the last thing we need is governments trying to put the choke on the greatest source of communication ever devised. Do what you can to tell your congresspeople to jump down the throats of the FCC. They should not get away with this power grab. This administration has been doing nothing but statist power grabs from the beginning. From the auto industry to healthcare, to banking and finance, food and now the internet. In every case, they make it sound like they are “doing it for our benefit” but the truth is, they are being given powers they never had and will only seek to make stronger because bureaucrats are never satisfied with what they have.

Never before in history since the birth of this nation has the need to reign in the government been greater. We can only hope we’re not too late.

More on the Food Safety bill which just passed the senate and why it’s based on lies. GOP Senators unanimously voted for it. Remember that this is the lame duck GOP, but the fact is it shows they are ignoring the Tea Party which was against this bill because it will hurt small farmers. You cannot trust either party. I’ve been saying that my whole life and now we’re seeing it in action.

UPDATE: The Register says the UK Porn Lock issue is merely being debated at this point. My point is, all over the the world governments are simultaneously talking about controlling the internet thanks in part to Wikileaks. They were just looking for an excuse, and the trumped up charges against Wikileaks are providing them with one. As I have pointed out before, the only damaging info to come out of Wikileaks so far is against corrupt bureaucrats. Unfortunately, that’s who makes decisions controlling people’s lives. We need to expose them more, not less.

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