The Fix is In

The EPA supressed dissenting views on climate change in the weeks leading up to the cap and trade bill. What a surprise.

The Environmental Protection Agency may have suppressed an internal report that was skeptical of claims about global warming, including whether carbon dioxide must be strictly regulated by the federal government, according to a series of newly disclosed e-mail messages.

Less than two weeks before the agency formally submitted its pro-regulation recommendation to the White House, an EPA center director quashed a 98-page report that warned against making hasty “decisions based on a scientific hypothesis that does not appear to explain most of the available data.”

Remember how NASA crank alleged-scientist James Hansen took out 100 press conferences to say his pro-AGW views were being suppressed by the Bush administration. The above exam0ple is what real suppression looks like in the Obama administration.

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  1. They openly came out against it on Thursday, however, as did Greenpeace. Lost in the MJ fog, however.
    Pity, that.
    Perhaps it will help the Senate kill it, though. It was a squeaker of a vote in the House.

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