The Freedom Forge

I’ve been working on a project for a short while and it’s grown into something really big. A website for people who want to escape the oppressive culture dominating the media and do it their way. Too many media companies work in lockstep with a progressive agenda which denies individuality and denigrates our culture. It’s negative and in many respects, soul destroying.

There’s a good reason why all forms of media are suffering. People are sick of this toxic culture. They yearn for a positive worldview again. They yearn for classic values.

That’s where the Freedom Forge comes in. The Freedom Forge is a website that promotes the work of creators who care a desire to get the culture back on track. Many of these creators are out of favor with the big companies because they won’t kowtow to the gatekeepers and fellow minders. It’s a haven of sorts for free thinkers and outsiders who want to do it the way they want to, not the way the collectivist bullies and the SJW scolds tell them to.

We already have over 70 creative minds involve and more are interested in participating. The site is also welcome to fans and others who want to discuss things and support the work.

It’s not about tearing things down. It’s about rebuilding and growing. The toxic culture has been destroying everything we love. It’s been poisoning film, TV, comics, games, music. We want to reverse all that by showing a better way.

We encourage people from all entertainment industries to join us and take the culture back.

Sign up at our website which will be launching soon.

See you there!

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