The Goal of Statists

For the first time in our history, public sector (government) jobs out number private sector (free enterprise) jobs. This is not a good thing. This is socialism.

All governments do to exist is take money from people to pay for all this largesse. To put it simply, these government jobs are paid for with the taxes taken from the productive people. It’s unsustainable. They have been taxing us to the tune of over 2 trillion dollars a year. Yes, they have been sucking money from the working people of America and it’s businesses to pay for a bloated, corrupt and soon to be bankrupt government that can’t bleed the corpse dry fast enough.

Statists want complete control over people’s lives. The more citizens they have working for the state, the more are dependent on it and thus likely to vote for more statism (aka Democrats, but Republicans are also guilty).

This has to end and we’re at a point where the people will either stand up or fall down. This will be the year to watch.

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  1. It’s even worse than it appears, because the average wage for a government worker is almost double that of a private sector worker. Plus they have insane benefits, pensions, and can retire on a full pension earlier than 99% of all private sector workers. This basically means each government job–which produces nothing–needs to be propped up by the productivity of more than two private sector workers.
    Which all means that the chart is actually misleadingly optimistic. With the above points factored in, it would be much worse. What is astonishing is that with the dead weight of all those government employees hanging around the neck of America, the private sector has still manged to pay the bill, struggle on, and even post a little profit.
    Of course the events of the last couple of years demonstrate clearly that the “Progressives” have grown weary of the resilience of capitalism and the private sector and have decided to launch a final “surge” to wipe it out for good.
    And thus we teeter on the brink. Who they think will pay the bills after they “smash capitalism” is beyond my comprehension.

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