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  1. Rogan optioned the property.

    What I see is nothing new or original. However, it might be fun. It might suck , Hard to be sure.

    It'll probably suck, of course, The laws of probability being what they are.

  2. Because they think that will guarantee ticket sales. But by the time this comes out the fad will be over.

  3. Rogen as a goofy GH fits if you think of it as mechanism for getting around the “Cato as racist stereotype” baggage that the original GH carries. Sort of like those insipid cell phone commercials from a few years ago. The white male idiot teamed with a cool smart asian dude. Who could be offended?

  4. Yeah, that seems to be where they are going with it. Making the Asian guy the smart one who has it together while the white hero is a dope.

  5. They're obviously trying to ride on Avatar, but this is going to end up a disaster. Real 3D movies have to be filmed with a double camera to provide a binocular image. Then they need to be shown on a special screen or they look too dim. There is, unfortunately, a method for making a quasi-3D movie out of one filmed normally (the way you can force a sort of stereo-like sound out of a mono signal), and everyone is stampeding to convert their movies. But the difference between the end result is like chalk and cheese. Cameron and a couple of the other directors who spend the money to make REAL 3D films took out a number of ads in theater and movie industry magazines to bitch about how these fake 3D films were going to ruin the market because viewers would be disappointed. I can sure see it happening, unfortunately. Fake “HDTV” claims delayed the large-scale acceptance of true HD for nearly a decade.

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