The Hobbit Review

I saw the Hobbit today in IMAX 3d and I loved it. I’m actually perplexed by some of the negative reviews. Maybe its the format I saw it in but I thought it looked amazing. It had a very high resolution look and the depth of field in 3D was awesome. And while I have some major bones to pick with Jackson on the Lord of the Rings movies taking certain liberties with that story, here the changes were more like enhancements to make it flow better on screen. He stuck fairly true to the book with the changes not being that important. One big change, if you’re familiar with the books is the introduction of Azog as a villain, a goblin leader from Moria who should be dead by the time this story takes place. But his introduction was fine.

I was happy to see at least three songs made it in so far and they were done in such a way that worked without being annoying or padding. And the action was exceptional. Despite reviews that say its slow, it moves along fairly well once they hit the road. As for that frame rate thing, maybe it looks bad in a 2D screener, I’ll have to see, but it was fine in 3D IMAX. Looked better than Avatar in my book.

This story is lighter and more fun than the Lord of the Rings. Those who say the plot is too thin are being rather foolish. It would be more fair to say the plot is simpler. But they did add some complexity to it (after all its based on a children’s book) by fleshing out the back story. As a fan of the books I was happy to see Radaghast the Brown, portrayed by the excellent Sylvester McCoy, one of the better Doctor Who actors from the old series.

All in all its a good movie to take the family to. They should be entertained.

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  1. I enjoyed it,but I was bothered by the Azog subplot. I felt it caused the film to emphasize Thorin as the protagonist over Bilbo (especially with the exposition on Erebor, which I did enjoy). Besides, does the trilogy really need 3 separate villains (and you could argue that the Thranduil was set up to be the fourth)?

    • I see what you’re saying, but Bilbo isnt given short shift unlike LOTR where Frodo was really ripped off when it comes to important scenes where his heroism should have been on display

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