The Hypocrisy of Anti-War Movements

The anti-war movement, despite what the ANSWER guy claims in the video, was never as big as it was in the 1960s. In any event, it was largely a ginned up Anti-Bush thing that had to do more with the idea of hating “conservatives”, even though Bush never was much of one. Now that Obama is continuing Bush’s wars the anti-war movement is left with tiny groups protesting for their own reasons. International ANSWER is a communist, anti-western group that applauds dictators like Chavez and Castro, even Kim Jong Il and Saddam Hussein when he was alive. Despite their claims to be against war and racism they support some of the worst, most brutal leaders on earth. The libertarian left, which is anti-war, is for small government and isolationism, which I can certainly understand and more or less support except it’s naive. The US has to look after its interests overseas. It’s just not doing it well.

Obama lied about ending the wars. But then, he had to when he was given a dose of reality when sworn in. None the less, he is planning to make major cuts to the military which will please leftists but will hurt our economy and weaken out defense. Two things that probably appeal to his ideological masters. In any event, anti-war movements are not what they claim to be. The mass protesters are just followers who lose interest the second “their guy” gets elected. They don’t seem to care if people are getting killed by a Democrat administration because they can pretend that’s the “good guys”.

ANSWER was the biggest organizer of anti-war rallies in the last 10 years and their motives are far from pure. They supported Saddam Hussein. End of story.

Like the green movement, there are a lot of well intentioned but naive and ignorant people who follow the leader and generally do what they’re told without realizing they are actually doing more harm than good. But that’s the nature of things. People waste a lot of energy tilting at windmills.

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