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  1. That is exactly the sentiment I had the night MJ died. People are dying in Iran. I don’t know if you knew this but me and my brother Eric lived in Iran for two years as youngsters. I have cried tears of both pride in those fighting for freedom, and fear that a lot more will die.

    Thanks, DJ

  2. No, Eric never told me that. Interesting.

    I have known many Iranians over the years, including some I met when I was in the Air Force. They trained their Air Force people at Lackland AFB where I went to basic training and security training. This was before Carter threw the Shah under the bus.

  3. A friend of my family lived in Iran when the Shah was in power (he’s a directional drilling engineer–it was cutting edge tech back then). He used to call Tehran “the Paris of the Middle East.” Gorgeous babes in cutting edge fashions walking the streets, cafes full of students (he said the place was full of Western-style universities), nightclubs, etc.
    Somehow I don’t think it was like that under the mullahs for very long.

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