The King of Unintended Consequences

Aside from his poll numbers dropping daily and his “green shoots” dogma being run over by his karma, President Obama is doing damage with just about every move he makes, even his “successful programs” like Cash for Clunkers. The stupid decision to destroy the old cars is causing major problems for a lot of people including charities.

And now the so called “most intelligent president ever” is starting to do more flop sweat than Nixon ever did. Oh, yeah.

When any president gets down in the 40s, even an adoring press starts returning to their original mandate, which is tearing down those in power. And if Obama is failing the lefties, they will see him as an embarrassment, like they did with Carter and they will turn on him.

More and more people are questioning this administration. Blood is in the water.

The sharks will start circling very soon.

UPDATE: Owww! Check out this chart. How this Obamacare will rape the tax payer and bankrupt the country. The estimates here are actually low. Look howe they plan to gut Medicare.

By the way, if anyone tells you they are not trying to shove single payer down our throats, think again. See how one lefty reacts to an editorial against Obamacare. They are not shy about defending single payer.

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  1. I’m getting the feeling that the myth the media are trying to spin that the ‘extremist’ right-wingers are the only ones complaining about healthcare is starting to crumble, and rightfully so.

    Have a read what the liberal Dave Lindorff has to say:

    And send it on every naive liberal you know. This whole left vs right paradigm has to crumble if the people want to take the power back.

  2. But when it comes to election time, they vote for the team who is closest – or _appears_ closest to their beliefs. And then a few months down the line, a few more voters understand that they’re getting the same old shit. What will it take before enough come to this realisation?

    People need to demand a new party, and must turn their backs on the Democrats and Republicans. I know I must sound like a broken record, but they are two factions of a single party. The same scumbags are holding the strings of both parties.

    A new party must rise from this corrupt mess and take the country back. One who’ll will actually uphold the Constitution. One who is all about little government, conservative management of the economy, non-interventionist foreign policy, and with a more liberal view on social issues. The former two points will appeal to dejected Republicans, while the latter two will attract Democrats.

    But, this is but a dream. The establishment will crush any hint of a third party without a large coordinated effort financied not by lobbyists, but by the people.

    Anyway, back to the _real_ American dream – as George Carlin said – the one you need to be alseep to believe.

  3. Political parties have rigged the game that way. It takes the people getting extremely mad for anything to change, and that seems to be happening now. The Administration is so incompetent and hamfisted, I think they may bring about their own downfall. Clinton was much better at this and he ended up being hated, despite media spin. He had to run to the right to get elected for a second term

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