The Kingdoms of Westguard

I am happy to report I am hard at work on my next Age of Heroes novel, Heaven’s War. Looking to get it out sometime next year. In the mean time, I have been working with a mapping program to sketch out how the world of Xera looks and where everything is. This map only focuses on the Kingdoms of Westguard, which is where most of the action in the first and second novel takes place. Maris is a large island nation to the west but you can’t see it here.

Now this is a crude map. I hope to have a much more polished version ready when I publish the next novel. I will also update the first novel with the map when I get the chance. I am already working on an updated version of the first book, Hell’s Reward, to include appendices and some better formatting.


UPDATED: 11/3/2015


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