The Laughing Stock President

The world media that once praised him before they knew him, are now mocking President Obama as being a weak amateur. Even his own generals are dissing him to the press, which is having him call General McCrystal on the carpet.

And when the president isn’t being defensive, he’s on the golf course. He even went golfing right after he said he wouldn’t rest until the BP oil spill was stopped.

It’s no wonder his poll numbers keep tanking. Example, a recent poll by CBS shows that most Americans feel he doesn’t even have any solid plans on anything.

And this is the guy Democrats were telling us was more qualified to be president than anyone who ever held the job. How qualified can he be when he has lost more jobs under his watch than Herbert Hoover after quadrupling the debt and deficit in his first year?

Jimmy Carter, who was an unmitigated disaster as a president, doesn’t deserve the comparison. He was much better than Obama.

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