The Leftovers – Partially Warmed Over

The Leftovers is a new HBO show with an interesting premise, What if an event like The Rapture happened and 2 percent of the world population disappeared. The series follows what happens to other people left behind. It’s set in a small town so it can focus on a community. You can watch the whole thing for free here. They are streaming the first episode for free.

To be honest I was pretty bored through a lot of it because of Lindenhof’s (the show runner) penchant for mystery over substance, but as it reached the climax of the episode it started to get interesting. Basically up until the end of the episode people left behind had been in a three year grace period where things went on pretty much like before. But now, it’s about to get real. There are several mysterious cults up to what may be no good. One of them is a Heaven’s Gate type group that dresses all in white, doesn’t speak and chain smokes as part of their religion. Another group is out in a desert compound and seems quasi Koresh-like.

I’ll watch it for awhile to see if it gets better. I have to give them credit, it’s a clever idea for a show that’s fairly original.

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