The Madness of Charlie Sheen

I don’t normally comment on celebrity scandals, since many of them are absurd, blown out of proportion or ultimately not worth the time. But Charlie Sheen, aka Carlos Estavez, is worth a couple minutes. Here we have a case of someone with real mental issues that may or may not be drug related. Drugs only drop people’s inhibitions. So whatever Sheen is capable of, drugs may have only helped him along.

He has a history of violence towards his girlfriends going back to when he was engaged to Kelly Preston whom he shot in the arm. He said it was an accident, but she dumped him right after that and married John Travolta. Not exactly an endorsement of his excuse. The years have been full of stories of him roughing up and threatening women in his life right up to his last wife, Brook Mueller, who accused him of violence as well.

Couple that with these deranged, egotistical interviews from this morning and you can see there’s someone with a very tenuous grip on reality. Here’s a guy who thinks he’s some kind of god, with magic powers, who is above mortals because he’s been successful in life. Yet, when you look at his list of bombs and lame TV shows on IMDB it hardly speaks of a deity among thespians. Two and a Half men is the most lame, lowest common dominator show since Baywatch, which was also hugely popular in its day. Popularity does not mean greatness. It means someone found success wasting people’s time appealing to the crassness of the masses. History is littered with best selling crap that few people care about a decade or two later. The so called stars of those efforts are not in high demand except on nostalgia circuits.

At the rate Charlie Sheen is going he’ll be doing z grade SyFy channel movies about mutant raccoons before long. Right now he looks like the after picture in a meth scare ad.

But he sure is a big distraction from real problems that our media and government are not dealing with honestly. Maybe he should be getting a pay check from the Obama administration for “his efforts.”

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