The Mindless and the Muslims

First a dose of reality from Britain, where Muslim extremists declare they want to turn Britain into a Muslim state and Buckingham Palace into a mosque.

Now we go to MSNBC where Norah O’Donnell compared critics of the Ground Zero mosque to the terrorists who destroyed the twin towers. In her alleged mind, building a giant mosque 500 yards from where the twin towers stood isn’t planting a flag. It’s “the right thing to do”.

What people like her fail to understand is these Muslims aren’t exercising their religious freedom, they are making a statement by wanting to put a 13 story mosque next to ground zero. That is why they refused to even listen to Governor Patterson’s offer to relocate it. But to add insult to injury, she lumps the surviving families who are offended by this mosque with the people who killed their loved ones. This is how utterly clueless and morally bankrupt people like her are. And her co-hosts didn’t even blink an eye at her statement.

The vast majority of Americans are against this Mosque and Obama and company are trying to paint them as the bad guys here. It’s no wonder that even Obama fluffers Politico are musing that Obama is over.

UPDATE: Former Obama official and Chairman Mao fan, Anita Dunn adds to the chorus of what must be the new talking point, that opponents of the mosque are extremeists. This from a woman who described Mao as her favorite philosopher. The Communist tyrant who murdered over 25 million people.

This video by Bill Whittle and PJTV really drives home the stupidity of the so called progressives defending Islamists. They are paving the way for a world war. Which is why they need to get kicked out of office as soon as possible.

ADDED: A major Muslim paper says “Al-Arabiya Director: The Majority of Muslims Do Not Want or Need a Mosque Near Ground Zero”.

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  2. The ongoing idiotic arguments by the usual “useful idiots” over the right of Muslims to have their “religious freedom” ignores one simple point–Islam is not just a religion, it is a theocracy. Applying the separation of Church and State rules of the Constitution to it as you would with Baptists or Mormons is not possible. It is not a religion which will coexist under our laws and political system. From its heart on out, it is a theocracy. This makes it very different than the other religions we’ve had to integrate into American society. By the most fundamental principles of Islam they *cannot* integrate–it is we who must submit to them. There is a very good reason why one of the first things they try to do after pushing around trembling PC cultures like the UK and Canada is to demand their “right” to sharia law. And they are getting it, too.
    They are the obverse of the leftists, who teach their religions (PC, environmentalism, etc) in schools while smirkingly claiming they are not religions. Likewise the Muslims claim religious freedoms and tax breaks, etc, for their political machine. Both are flagrantly gaming the system. Perhaps it explains why the leftists are so protective of the Muslims–kindred spirits, in a way. And there’s the whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing, too. The fact that liberals would be the first ones up against the wall if sharia law were ever instituted seems to be beyond their comprehension.

  3. Toren’s got it right… Islam is theocratic. Iran is an example of this in practice and we all know how “joyful” Iranians are with their regime!

    I don’t know how Islam can be reconciled with a free society if its obvious goal is sublimation of everything else…

    I wish more people would wake up and research it before they shoot their mouths off.

    There are good reasons for the protests against the Ground Zero mosque and reasons to be concerned at developments in the West. If the West doesn’t collectively reclaim its balls, we’re in trouble!

    Other than that, I just wanted to add —

    WHERE DOES MSNBC GETS IT COMMENTATORS? Are these the most miserable people in the world or what? 2/3 of these guys are whackjobs! What planet do they come from???!?!??!?

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