The New Batman Villains are Set

So Deadline Hollywood tells us that Anne Hathaway is going to play Selena Kyle in the new Dark Knight Rises movie, which means Catwoman is on board. Tom Hardy has been named as playing Bane, which is a disappointment since I find Bane and incredibly lame villain. He’s just a dumb thug with super-strength. Hopefully Nolan will make the character interesting. Tom Hardy is a fine actor so I’m sure he is up to the task. Not sure about Hathaway as the Catwoman, but she has the eyes for it.

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  1. Even if I weren’t already disinterested in Nolan’s take on Batman, I’d say these casting choices are very questionable.
    I don’t like Bane, either… Easily one of the worst contribution to the Batman mythos during the O’Neil editorial regime. (O’Neil was a good Batman writer but a horrible group editor.)
    I saw Tom Hardy in Star Trek: Nemesis and he doesn’t seem to have the physique for this. I respected the acting job he did despite the ridiculous script. The film didn’t bomb because of him.
    As far as Anne Hathaway is concerned, I’ve seen her in a few films and she never blew me away with her talent. I just don’t quite understand her popularity now and find her to plastically superficial. Not all that attractive, either. I’d rank her average in looks and not particularly bright…

    • Tom Hardy bulked up since Nemesis which was a long time ago now. He’s also proven him self very capable of diverse roles. He was in Inception most recently. Hathaway will have to be very different than she has been in films I’ve seen of hers to make this work. Her last film, Rachel Getting Married was a departure from her usual roles. But she will have to be even more interesting than that.

  2. Pros: Natural breasts.
    Cons: Batman isn’t a Rom Com.

    Question: How much longer is the Marvel superhero thing going to go before it dies
    a natural death?

      • I’m predicting likewise that Marvel won’t have a great year of films.

        I’m ‘meh’ on Thor but then I’ve never been a huge fan of the character regardless of who wrote or drew him.

        As for Cap, I’m not at all hopeful about that film. Comments made by the director and the casting of the title character point to signs that they just don’t “get the character anymore” at Marvel. A real disappointment because the character is a favorite of mine; I just haven’t cared for the treatment of Cap since the late 1980s.

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