The New Counter Culture

I had a great lunch with Batton Lash today, we were talking about the comic strip we’re about to launch on Big Hollywood (and here). Won’t say what the title is but it involves some famous people.

As we talked I realized that those of us who provide a counter argument or humorous take on the establishment are the new counter culture. That is what I am going to declare, loud and proud.


The culture as it stands now is informed by the scolds on the left. The left tells us what to eat, what to say, what we can’t do, what we must do. They are worse than the people they complained about in the 60s, who were the establishment then. The establishment then was informed by the right, a kind of 50s conformist society. At least they had good music.

The people now try to force conformity to ideas that are self destructive and repressive. They want us to agre to abdicate all rights to some collective bureaucracy.

We live in a kind of new Victorian age. It’s getting more repressed by the day. Time for a social revolt like the one we saw in the 60s. It’s time a new counter culture let its freak flag fly and say NO TO THE NONSENSE!

The establishment is now a creation of the left. But it is a twisted, warped and frankly repugnant parody of everything the hippies wanted back in the day. The counter culture of the past would have been horrified if they could see what they grew up into now. As someone from the end of the baby boom, I saw things then, and I am now here to usher in the new age. The age of Libra. Of balance. No more tilting to the left!

The administration is like a classic example of what a parody of itself the modern establishment has become. You have Pelosi as some kind if deluded harridan, Reid as some blathering dufus, the president as some slick, clueless hustler, blinded by his hubris. It’s all low hanging fruit for anyone with half a brain.

The alleged comedians and late night hosts out there who are supposed to be funny are nothing but shills for the establishment. They are not people who “speak truth to power”. Rather, they mock safe targets who don’t fight back and prop up those who see themselves as our “betters”. Our so called “leaders” who are charting a course off a cliff.

These so called comics are neither brave or relevant anymore because defending the powerful with their lame jive is what you’d expect from simpering palace eunuchs not “rebels” or “brave performers”. Artists who shuck and jive for their masters are no better than begging dogs.

The real “change” is going to come from those who have the guts to say no to the stupidity that’s being forced upon us. Those who show the truth about what’s really going on. Those who expose the man behind the curtain. They are the ones who will open the way to a new path.

Let us begin in earnest. Amen!

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