The New Doctor

The final episodes with David Tennant just aired. And they may be the final Master and Time Lords episodes, though I doubt that. Anyway, it was a fairly good end to a great run by show runner Russell T. Davies did an amazing job over all. Tennant will be an almost impossible act to follow. He was the best Doctor in my opinion. Here is a preview of part one of his final two episodes. They were bittersweet and it wasn’t a perfect finale. A bunch of plot holes, but still, it was a lot of fun.

For those of you who don’t watch Doctor Who, or haven’t seen the new series, it really is heads and shoulders above the old stuff in quality. I have been following it since 1976 when I saw my first one in the UK. I was in the Air Force, station in England, and I saw the very first Tom Baker episode when it aired for the first time. I have been a fan ever since. It’s a unique show. Fun and clever and like nothing else. It is also the longest running show in TV history, I believe.

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  1. It was a great finale! So sad to see Tennant go, though. They left the seeds in place to do a Tennant and Rose show. I’d love to see that happen. They really said goodbye to most of the running elements of the last few years. I hope the next few years can measure up. Tennant set a high bar.

    You know this won’t be the end of the Master (unless you see a body…) and Time Lords (and Gallifrey!!). I’m not yet impressed with Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, but with Steven Moffatt running the new show, I’m optimistic.

    I’ve loved the new show. I tried going back and watching some classic Doctors and just can’t get into it. The new shows have been just too good.

  2. Yeah, they didn’t even show where the Master went. Presumably with the other Time Lords in some kind of bubble, where they might be extracted at some other date. Now that they have the Master with them, he might figure something out.

    I don’t think Tennant will do more Dr. Who except if they ever do one of those stories with multiple Doctors, which they have on occasion, in the old days.

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