The New Wonder Woman

Can’t say I love the blue vinyl, patent leather, or whatever they are pants and boots. It looks rather garish. But here’s the new look for the TV Wonder Woman, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Gone are the white stars like the American flag, but there are two red stars, like the Soviet union liked to use. I doubt that was intended, but who knows with today’s Hollywood.

The show’s supposed to be non-campy, but I’m not sure the outfit will work to that end.

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  1. Nevertheless, you have to admit she is one hot-looking babe!

    Half the requirement is fulfilled there, indeed! 🙂

    Now, we’ll see if the writing and acting match her looks.

    It’s better than 50:50 that the show will actually be picked up.

    This is actually a publicity still for THE PILOT and the show could actually be tweaked after it’s if/when it’s picked up. The costume could be change to be more reflective of the classic look. (The JMS Wonder Woman this costume was patterned will be retconned into the waste basket after the “Flashpoint” limited series is over. Most fans DON’T like his Superman ideas, either, regardless of sales on the graphic novel he wrote.)

    It’s a prototype, work-in-progress. Look at all the changes made to Star Trek after its pilots were shot!

    • Meant to say it’s better than 50:50 that the show WON’T be picked up.

      That’s what happens with most Pilots. They never make it to production stage and end up forgotten in film vaults unless someone snags a copy and puts it on YouTube!

  2. I’m actually cool with this costume! It reminds me of a tokusatsu (SPFX) TV heroine, and has a sort of Cutey Honey look. I could recognize this as Wonder Woman! I’m also glad they didn’t paint it black!

    So long as they don’t use that lame jacket, I’m okay with it!

  3. What a difference time can make.

    Lynda Carter – patriotic costume, everything covered. Adrianne Palicki – non-overtly-patriotic costume with push-up bra, Photoshopped legs and thin arms.

    Lynda FTW…and she’s still beautiful and classy.

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