The Obama Story Pt 1.

Bill Whittle gives a well researched background of President Obama. If many people knew this in 2008, one wonders if he would have even won a primary.

Obama’s parents were Marxists. His grand parents were Marxists. His black grandfather, a racist. The people who mentored him were Marxists, racists and terrorists. And the media scoffed at people who claimed he’s a socialist.

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  1. You’re preaching to the choir here, Hud.

    The problem is that so many people are ignorant or poorly educated… These are the people who NEED to see documentaries like this! They never will because a) politics aren’t “kewl” and b) they’re part of the Kool Aid-drinking crowd who will be okay as long as they get their government checks and the progressive Marxist agenda gets pushed!

    Sad to see but shouldn’t be that surprising that Marxism and racism apparently go hand-in-hand. Unlike the vast majority of Americans who dub themselves “enlightened,” I’ve read about and even talked to people who aware of the history of genocide committed by followers of this most cynical philosophy. It’s a fact — unless you weren’t paying attention — that the Bolsheviks liquidated a lot of Jews who were involved in the Communist revolution in Russia as well as a lot peasants (also Jewish) who had nothing to do with the revolution. It’s easy to fall back on traditional scapegoats and use those old hatreds to justify killing ‘comrades’ who may or may not be your enemy. Let’s just say that the Nazis weren’t the only ones who were fans of concentration camps. The Communists just called them gulags and re-education camps… and yet this escapes the notice or is brushed aside by ideologues who would have us believe Western representative government and capitalism are the greatest evils perpetrated on mankind!

    “Hope and change” is more of the same B.S. said to distract people from the fact that all Progressives are good for are A) being bullies of the worst stripe, B) redefining prejudice and racism so that the weak-minded never realize that historically Progressives HAVE been the worst racists and bigots to ever come to power; and C) convincing the weak-minded that mediocrity is a noble goal in society.

    I’ve seen Point C in action… Most of us have. Our political system and the checks have dwindled to the point that affirmative action programs have “rewarded” our society with the worst president of the past century and the first politician in my memory who it wasn’t okay to vet or ask questions about. There is no way in hell that man should have been elected President with all the red flags in his background and his distinct lacking in qualifications, experience, and emotional maturity.

    I just pray in 2012 that enough people wake up and vote the louse out of office… I really don’t want to see my worst fears about the mental competence of the electorate-at-large confirmed OR another election won by this Turd because of the MSM’s complicity.

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