The Pacific Gyre

While I don’t doubt there is a lot of plastic garbage floating in the ocean, the claims of the great pacific gyre garbage patch is something that keeps changing and I have yet to see one photo of it. Which screams eco-BS. A few months back there were alarmist articles claiming it was the size of a continent. Here you see it described as being as big as a couple European countries.


I’m wondering if this won’t be the next big “eco-crisis” now that AGW is becoming unpopular and the greens have their people in positions of power now.

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  1. I note there is no discussion of the density of the patch. Where does it end? A tiny redefinition in density could expand or contract it by hundreds of miles.
    So, yeah, more eco-BS. Besides, it’s not like we can do a damn thing about it. It’s 98% composed of crap dumped from places like Africa and Asia, who have proven remarkably indifferent to environmental issues (Asian Brown Cloud, anyone?).
    The claim it outweighs phytoplankton strikes me as more eco-BS. To what depth? At what time of day? Why exclude zooplankton? In fact, I call major BS on that one.
    And the claim plastic never degrades? Nearly a decade ago it was discovered most plastics are structurally compromised by UV and begin to fragment. These fragments continue to be broken up smaller and smaller, increasing their surface areas and the effect of UV. With some plastics, bacteria eat them. Nature being the way it is, a new food source is never wasted. Some bacteria are better than others at eating plastic, and they thrive. Plankton eat them. Bigger stuff eats the plankton. And so on, until that red snapper ends up on your plate.
    Do I think we should be dumping this crap into the ocean? Hell, no. But unless the enviros are willing to get into a shooting war with Asia and Africa, they’re just indulging in fishing for grants, as usual.

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