The Paradox of Human Nature

Adolus Huxley who wrote “Brave New World” and George Orwell, author of “1984” had conflicting visions of the future that were both right and wrong. They both viewed two sides of human nature at its extremes. This comic perfectly describes the paradox.

The yin/yang of human nature is pulling and pushing us. In some people one is stronger than the other. We see societies where one form of government is stronger, like the Orwellian North Korea or Iran, and then we have a Huxley style society like the US which feeds to the wants of the people and tries to get them dependent on the nanny state. Both are bad for the human race. People need to be independent for the state.

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  1. hm-mm….. the system is broken, it is up to our generation to rectify this, we cannot leave our house to the next generation unless it is in order, the so-called conservatives are pompous ass-wipes intent on maintaining a hegemony at odds with the actual statistical anomalies present within the current system…..the liberals are all Jim Jones kool-aid drinkers who believe that their minority demands equal seating at a table which was never designed for equality…..and the moderates are jumbled so effectively that their desires are no more relevant than the latest episode of Jersey Shores……the republic we inherited was established so as we could make changes to it, according to the rule of law. It is time we exercised this responsibility.

  2. Also known as the “Bad Father” and “Bad Mother” forms of government, Huxley’s vision being the latter and Orwell’s the former.

    Both paradigms presuppose a parent/child relationship between the government and the governed, whereas the Classically Liberal paradigm sees the governed as the masters and the government as the servant.

    Restore the proper relationship between government and governed and you never get either of the bad parents.

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