The People are Revolting

Yes, that is an old pun used often in cartoons like the Wizard of Id. But in the case of the Netherlands, it’s also true. They tried to persecute Dutch politician Geert Wilders for daring to speak the truth about radical Islam. And the result of their show trial is to make his party winners in the recent elections over there.

Europe is drifting right ward, which I said would happen years ago. The people in Europe may be very “progressive” but the fact is they can only take so much abuse and the Islamists are wearing out their welcome there. They have been very open about wanting to turn Europe into a Islamic state. The values they espouse are those of the Taliban. Europeans have relied on America to protect them since WWII, but the fact is, they are not as wimpy or cowardly as one would assume. What they have been is very complacent. They’ve been suckered by decades of soft-socialism and it’s taking its toll.

But things could turn very nasty over there if the EU continues to shove the multi-culturalism line down people’s throats. Add to that a global depression, which may very well happen and we’re talking major upheavals. Even civil wars. There were two world wars in the last century that started out of similar pressures. It could happen again.

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  1. Don’t discount the Freedom Party’s strong Euroscepticism and fiscal conservatism being a large motivating factor in picking up votes.

    And watch how quickly this islamophobia vanishes when EU nation states begin defaulting on their debts.

  2. Actually, I’m sure that’s the main reason the press hass been picking on them, calling them extremists. The same reason they are trying ti paint the tea party as racists. People who attack big government are attacking the status quo and the defenders of it will try to marginalize them.

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