The Platonic Fallacy

This series of philosophy primers are great fun and very education for those of you not versed in the great philosophers. I highly recommend watching them on YouTube.

Today I wanted to talk about Plato, who is one of the greatest philosophers and is a huge influence on people today. As I have outlined in my theories of pararealism, there are only two political philosophies that matter when it comes to human society. LG (Limited Government) and BG (Big Government). Limited government works because it restricts politicians from becoming too powerful and corrupt. There is no perfect system, but the reason you see politicians always seeking more power is because they chafe under limited government. The push by politicians to champion big government is because it allows them to get away with all kinds of crimes and abuses of power. Those who seek more government are the enemies of liberty, except for themselves.

Where Plato fits into this is his theories on how a society should be. He was basically an elitist who hated democracy. He believed political systems should be ruled by elites who made all the decisions for the lesser beings. That is how our world is largely run today. While you hear many people claiming to champion democracy the truth is that is largely a farce to keep the public believing they have a say in things. Countries like Russia and Venezuela arguably have democracy but the system is so corrupted by the ruling class, it’s a sham. And in the United States, our voting system is riddled with fraud and abuse at many levels.

The Platonic thinkers believe in a utopia that has never existed and can’t exist because it goes against reality and human nature. Big government is sold by statists as the answer to everything. In truth, it creates the very problems it claims to solve. The larger a state becomes, the more corrupt and the less power the individual has.

Even if statists tell you they want to make the world a better place by empowering government through more laws and taxation, the evidence of history is the inverse is true. Those who seek to regulate and control humanity do not solve the problems of human nature. They only make it worse. The only way a society can work is by dealing realistically with human nature, not by trying to control or regulate it.

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