The Rise of Online Comics

I have believed since the mid 90s that comics will fine new life and success on the internet. It’s just taken a lot longer than I expected, but it seems to be starting to happen according to this article.

The business model of teh internet is still working itself out for publishing but I really think it will make things a lot more fair for everyone and less costly to consumers.

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  1. Either one depending on what you are trying to do. A web comic allows you better control as the CBR software does now aloow you to go backwards (at least I have not figured out how). A web comic is more customizabel and you can do animated effects and sound if you want to.

  2. With CDisplay you can use the click wheel to go back and forth (four clicks I think). 4 up goes back. Also if you click “P” then you get thumbnails and can go from any page to any other page.

    I think most of them operate that way…

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