The Scam Exposed

America operated 130 years without an Income Tax. We still could if the government stuck to its legally define role (as the Constitution specifies). Corrupt politicians take the people’s money to pay for their own social engineering schemes and spend it on what amounts to bribes to foreign governments, the funding of wars, endless waste and to their own benefit and their friends. The system as it stands must end. It is not a sustainable path.

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  1. The system as it stands must end. It is not a sustainable path.

    European voters don’t seem to agree. Their state is the rich uncle who loves them, provides for them when they are out of a job and heals them when they are sick. It educates them, controls the culture and trains them to be good serfs citizens and protects them if they don’t live too near recent immigrants.

  2. That’s what some would have you believe, but I’ve lived there twice, been there a bunch of times. Plus I follow the news from over there and have since I was a teenager (yeah, I did). People over there have always been unhappy in the cities. Places like France have always had a lot of unrest, riots, strikes that paralyze the country. And now that the global economy is in a huge mess and countries like Greece are Melting down, the UK is economically close on its heels. I’d say that image will be shattered.

    The truth is that Europe has always been a place of unrest and wars until after WWII when the US basically subsidized their economies by providing free security so they could spend their money on social programs, and we lent them all lots of money to rebuild after the war, which they never paid back (except the UK). But now we can’t do that anymore and their socialized states are going broke, Their pensions will crash like they will here and then we’ll see how happy they really are. Let me tell you, they were not happy even in the 80s.

  3. Now the Feds are even considering a European style Value Added Tax, which in my opinion is even more onerous than the Income Tax. Talk about trying to take us to hell in a handbasket.

  4. It’s one of the most evil taxes. I would only support it if we didn’t have an income tax. One of the biggest reason VAT is bad is it creates yet another enforcement bureaucracy that balloons into another unregulated monster running amok and sucking away dollars which makes them want to raise taxes more to pay for it.

    All taxes like this do is create a huge black market.

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