The Secret World

MMO games are hot and some new ones coming out look interesting. I played DC Universe Online over the weekend, which you can play for free now, and it was quite good. I rather liked it, but I don’t have time to keep playing. Just wanted to check it out. Having spent a lot of time in the City of Heroes/City of Villains world it’s taken it to another level, especially since they draw on the DC universe story lines in interesting ways. You can explore places in the DC universe that are well known, like the Justice League’s space station or visit Crime Alley where Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed. TEam up with DC Universe heroes and/or villains. And the game is pretty nice looking.

But this new Secret World game has my interest. One of the problems I have with MMOs is that they are oddly dissatisfying while being addictive. It’s always a grind and when you finish a goal you have endless other goals just like it to solve. You feel like you’re on a treadmill of sorts. What interests me about this game is it seems to have taken a new approach to the medium. We’ll see.

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