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  1. I have a DVD from Image Entertainment of two films by the same staff: HEMO THE MAGNIFICENT and UNCHAINED GODDESS! (The former was featured in GREMLINS.) Both have excellent animation.

    I wonder if the marionettes in this short were done by the late, great Bil Baird (a great puppeteer, and one of Jim Henson’s heroes)!

  2. Cue Yakov Smirnov: At Marvel, cosmic rays give you powers, no cancer!

    Heh. Every superhero got his powers from radioactive sources at Marvel.

    Sources of power were not Stan Lee’s strong point. DC definitely had it over Marvel on that point.

    Even Captain America’s super-soldier serum had a kick of “Vita Rays” to stabilize it.

  3. Marvel’s comics were objectively cynical and humorous attempts to copy not only DC Comics, but monster movies of the 1950s, the ones that often dealt with the Nuclear Age.

    DC’s heroes were plausible, because they were usually from other worlds. Superman was from Krypton, Wonder Woman was from a land of amazons, Hal Jordan got his Green Lantern Ring from space, etc. Even the more grounded heroes were plausible; Flash’s DNA got altered by an accidental mix of chemicals (none of which were radioactive!).

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