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  1. As you know, there are fads in science, and sometimes going against them is a idea that can end up with your career destroyed.
    Over the years, a number of people–from molecular biologists to geneticists–have pointed out that almost all types of cancer have one thing in common: aneuploidy. This is the almost universal trait of cancer cells to contain up to 50 or 60 extra chromosomes. Linked with the basic trait of RNA-mediated oncogenes, it seems like a very fruitful path for cancer research to follow. But almost no one is. Why? The people in charge of the large cancer centers, universities, and government grants are married to other hypotheses, mainly general mutation, especially by external “human caused” factors (eg, industrial chemicals).
    Nothing like dying of PC.

  2. It’s like AGW, willful ignorance that is anti-progress, anti-science masquerading as science. In the past it was religious nuts trying to kill scientific progress. Now it’s left wing nuts (for the most part)

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