The Truth about the Flotilla Raid

The press lied and that comes as no surprise. Even Bill Maher had to smack down Rachel Maddow on his show the other day because she was taking the side of the Flotilla thugs.

Now, you might say, they were just bringing aid to the Palestinians. There were no mobs or rocket launchers on board. The fact is, these kid of events are constantly staged by Hamas and others to try to make the Israelis look bad. They’re designed to try to win over support in world opinion by making themselves look like they were defenseless and the mean old Israelis attacked them. But if they really were a peaceful aid ship, why were so many of them armed for battle? Why did they attack the Israelis and just talk to them and show they were on a peaceful mission?

Because they wanted to provoke the Israelis so they could claim they were attacked without provocation. They wanted to have some of them die so they could turn it into an international incident. The terrorists of the world fight dirty. And they corrupt anything they can to their so called cause.

The fact is billions of dollars in aid money has been poured into the Palestinian’s coffers and it was mostly stolen by people like Yasser Arafat and his followers, leaving the Palestinian people living in abject poverty. The problems of this mess are not entirely the fault of Israel and its supporters.

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