The Two Choices

It’s very revealing to watch the reaction to Glenn Beck’s rally this weekend. His 9/12 movement was intended to “restore honor” in Washington and the way the left is attacking it and the tea party tells you everything you need to know about them. The way they are trying to demonize people who are sick of the corruption and waste in Washington, is to to make them out to be racists and radicals. This is all coming from people who want big government, want more taxes, more authority for bureaucrats. In otherwords, the promoters of statism. The enemies of personal liberty.

They’re attacking this rally as if it’s an assault on civil rights because its being held at the same place, on the anniversary of a famous Martin Luther King speech. But the intentions of this rally has to do with bringing back limited government. And the only people who would have a problem with restoring the constitution are its enemies. And they seem to be viewing this rally as a big threat. The leftists are sending their thugs to try to disrupt it. What does that tell you?

I’ve been watching a film this week called the Baeder-Meinhoff Complex, about a famous German couple that were Marxist terrorists in the early 70s in Europe. During that time we had these kind of people running around the west, murdering and committing mayhem all in the name of “liberation”. But they were nothing but egotistical, violent lunatics who wanted to be famous. We had the SLA, Black Panthers and the Weathermen in the US. No Marxist revolutionary has ever been anything but a murderer and an enemy of freedom. Marxists don’t liberate anyone. If they win they enslave the population and imprison them behind the iron curtain. At least, that was the case in the 70s. We got to see the Iron curtain fall in the late 80s, thank god. But there are still plenty of creeps who want to take us back to those days.

The same people who are attacking Beck and the tea party for being against the growing totalitarianism of this administration. They are the aging survivors of that age of stupidity.

Listen to all those people attacking this rally and you see what they’re really against. Freedom.

They claim to be against racism when there is none in the tea party. They claim to be against radicals, when they are in fact that very thing. They are really trying to shut down a healthy debate about what kind of government we want. They do not want the expansion of government to stop. History has shown time and time again that the more powerful a government is, the less freedom the people have. We live in a representational democratic Republic. They are opposed to the people having a voice.

You have only two choices when it comes to government. One where the people rule and the other where the state dictates. Which side do you want to be on. The one for freedom or the one for slavery?

The enemies of this rally have made their choice already.

UPDATE: Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about when it comes to the state.

Talk about setting up a false argument

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  1. These people know nothing about MLK (or civil rights for that matter) and the more they exploit his good name for their evil purposes the more injustice they do him. How the left came to “own” the “MLK Brand” in the education system and media is still somewhat beyond me. The left have nothing in common with him. He was a Christian, the left (at the very least in their inner ranks) are largely made up of anti-Christian bigots or double speak false “Confusion Christians” like Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Sebelius. If the left wants to spout about civil rights lets start with civil rights for the unborn. PERIOD.

    Absolutely America is a democratic Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. The left wants mob rule. They are anti-Constitution. They are purposefully and systematically destroying America and the Obama administration seems to be the culmination of at least a century’s worth of the work of Marxists.

    How they can continue to beat the drum that the Tea Party is raaaacist is sickening. They have not an inch of ground to stand on, they have been disproved over and over again and yet the defamation machine continues to prattle on. It’s baffling, unless one understands how communists work.

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  3. Something being overlooked or downplayed is that fact that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece is speaking at the Glen Beck rally.

    I caught a little bit of her talking on the radio today. Sounds like a charming lady!

    I just hope the pillorying that’s going to be happen to her isn’t that bad…. But of course, you can’t be a minority nowadays and be seen in public with anyone who isn’t an ultra-left winger without being called a sell-out or wose.

    Anyhow, yeah, I hate the abuse of eminent domain.

    When the power started getting more abused a few years back and the Supreme Court decided to let municipalities FORCE people off their property for higher tax purposes, that’s when I really got disgusted with it.

    What’s going on in Alabama and other places like that in the US is unconscionable.

    You know when this happens that the fascade that the Left is protecting the little guy is just that… They’re using any excuse to generate and find loopholes or exploit people’s ignorance to get more money out of all of us.

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