The View an Example of Progressive Censorship

The two sub-intellectual hosts of the view known as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set during an argument with guest Bill O’Reilly to the cheers of some in the audience. This is a classic example of how so called progressives are anti-free speech and debate. They could not debate him without shouting and carrying on like grade yard brats. And when that didn’t work, they walked off the set.

Barbara Walters was correct when she said that kind of behavior was wrong and shouldn’t happen. Not on a talk show. Not when the subject was worthy of discussion. The ground zero mosque.

O’Reilly said that Muslims attacked us on 9/11. And that got the two women to go ballistic. They were arguing about the terms, and just about all the women there including quasi-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck to state that they should have been called terrorists, not Muslims. But, considering they were Muslims and they did what they did in the name of their religion, disputing it the way they did was nothing but censorship. Walking off the set was a way to try to kill the debate. The pro-Muslim GZM fans do not want the subject to go anywhere except in the direction the proponents of the mosque want it to go.

Obviously, not all Muslims are terrorists or support extremist Islamists. In fact a poll of Muslims showed the majority are opposed to the ground zero mosque because they see what bad will it’s inducing in the American public. The majority of Americans oppose it. But extreme leftists like Behar and Goldberg don’t care what people want and will not allow the debate to continue. They want to shove their opinion down everyone’s throat and label them bigots.

It’s great O’Reilly took it to the View and forced the discussion to happen. But let’s call it like it is. Progressives against freedom of speech need to be outed and chastised for what they are. They do not have the interests of the public at heart. They are in fact, dictators of the public discourse, deciding what will and will not be allowed to be spoken.

As Americans, we can’t allow that sort of thing to go unchallenged. For too long we have and look where it has gotten us.

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  1. People have to understand something about talk shows like The View that air in the morning —

    These ladies share a limited oxygen supply divided amongst the 4-5 of them.

    Both Whoopi and Joy in particular signs of narcosis and probable brain damage. The hot air content in their oxygen bubble is also high. There are rumors Joy’s mother used her umbilical cord as a bungee when she threw him (no typo) out the hospital window on his birth day.

    (Yes, Joy is indeed the original model for the The Joker, too. She has the same plastic surgeon as Mary Tyler Moore. Rumors of her being an intelligent woman are just that, too.)

    Many of the people in the audience are like-minded or are your typical Upper West side liberal. Many are bored housewife or yuppie types without kids who have nothing better to do than follow their favorite celebrity hosts and agree with whatever these airheads say…

  2. It’s amusing that Goldberg’s recent book is about how people aren’t civil any more. I wonder if she feels an attack of cognitive dissonance coming on….

    • Whoopi? Civil?

      This is the same lady who was throwing F-bombs and making a jackass out of herself before Roseanne Barr and Rosie O’Donnell were blips on the pop culture landscape!

      She’s proven time and time again that when she has no logical response that she’ll resort to cussing like a sailor and acting like a two-year-old…

      Behind the scenes, she’s never been known as a particularly nice person. She’s an !Q@#%$@le, pure and simple.

      You can’t dignify her by calling her lady. She just doesn’t act like one.

      • Another thing that an ignoramous like Whoopi ISN’T aware of but what’s been brought to my attention by personal contact with Muslim Africans…

        Arab Muslims can be just as nasty, xenophobic, and racist as anybody else. AS IF THAT WEREN’T OBVIOUS with their behavior with Jews…!

        Evidence: a bunch of the religious wars in Northern Africa and other parts of the “Mother Continent” have been instigated by malcontents who are NOT natives of the area. They’re generally Arab Muslims.

        There’s more than a little bit of proof that some of these foreign warlords have instigated and participated in genocide of local populations and villages.

        One of my former co-workers, someone I consider a stand-up guy, was from an African nation that was threatened by Arab Muslim extremists. His country managed to keep them out. They DIDN’T want their brand of extreme Islam and Sharia seeping into his home country. He was well aware of some of the negative aspects of Islam but pinned a lot of the problems and violence on Arab Muslims.

        (I’ve seen quite a few Somali Muslims in Central Ohio. They settled about 50,000 refugees in the area. The women typically wear the long robes and garb associated with the religion in spite of the heat. Kids generally don’t wear all that gear. Some Somalis are quite religious, others not so much. There has been cultural shock and friction between Somali and local African-Americans resulting in violence, ethnic slurs between the groups, and general bad feelings. You can tell new gangs are squaring up. There’s unfortunately been other negative press with some disaffected Somali youth being involved in some insurance scams in the area, too.)

        Many, many African nations were forced by the sword of Muslim invaders to convert to Islam. So much for the religion of peace and tolerance!

        Someone like Whoopi can’t be bothered by the facts… or by talking to people who are intimately affected by situations in the world.

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