The “White Oscars” Meme #WhiteOscars

I’ve always found the Oscars annoying because it’s a dog and pony show. I stopped watching them a few years ago because they aren’t even remotely entertaining anymore. The hosts today are abysmal. I never liked the fake Hollywood glam crap. The red carpet is boring. And all those stars pretending to care about this BS or another. Oh, look how much I CARE!!! I have the same ribbon on that 900 people in this room have!

And they always nominate guilt movies or pretentious ego films. Occasionally someone who deserves it gets an Oscar but so many times lame stuff wins. Look through the Oscar wins and so many great films lost over the decades while forgotten junk was the winner. Hitchcok and Kubrick also never won an Oscar for their work. Two of the greatest and directors in the history of the business.

This White Oscars meme is also bogus because it’s a strong year and there are only so many slots. I’m sorry but Concussion isn’t better than The Short or Spotlight. Will Smith is good but aside from his accent he’s not doing anything new. Beast of Many Nations probably should have been nominated but the Oscars are political and its a Netflix movie. Creed was great but it was basically another Rocky sequel. Hollywood is biased about a lot of things, Not just race. They also hate genres and TV which Netflix is kind of a version of. Spike Lee is the Kanye West of directors always looking for a chance to pimp himself in the media. But his act is not going to win him any Oscars or diversity gold stars. Chiraq blew. Sorry General Lee.

I doubt I will watch it again this year either. The only thing I feel they do half way right anymore is the remembrance segments. Except they often snub some actors in those, which is unforgivable.

So, you could say I am also boycotting the Oscars. Because they’re a snooze.

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