"The Worst Science Scandal of Our Generation"

The Telegraph in the UK does the work American MSM won’t do, deal with Climate Gate with open eyes.

I would say it’s one of the worst scandals period, considering it will effect the world economy in a bad way, not to mention a big way, all so some self serving politicians and alleged scientists can reap the rewards by bilking millions out of their money and freedoms.

A handful of scientists have used ideology and hysteria to push a theory that is based on no truth, doctored results and an almost Inquisition like purge of dissent to trump up a theory designed to get them unlimited grant funding. And politicians loved it because they could pass more taxes and laws and enrich their buddies (like GE) who jumped on the “green technology” bandwagon even though such technology can’t hold a candle to fossil fuels (which we still have enough for a 1000 years minimum).

The laws they want to pass with double our utility rates, decrease our access to many things we take for granted. They are using it to justify any draconian law taking away our liberties. This has got to end. Politicians involved need to go down in flames, the scientists need to be pilloried. This is worse than Bernie Madoff or any other scam by a factor of 100. It effects everyone on earth.

Wake up MSM! You are putting the nails in your own coffin by ignoring this.

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  1. The story does seem to be keeping its legs, no thanks to the US media! It’s stunning that Fox News has not run a single story on it since it broke, preferring to keep people informed on the WH party gatecrashers and squirrels that burned down a house by chewing through wiring. Fox should be ashamed. Even the NYT has been weakly covering it.
    Both sides are polishing their talking points, and the battle is just beginning, but at least it looks, at this point, there will be an extended battle.
    I loved the response of Obama’s Green Czar. She said, basically, that this was just a few guys and there are still 2500 other scientists out there who support AGW so she wasn’t interested in it. Hey, lady: those “few guys” and their data WERE AGW. Everyone used their info and they controlled the peer review process!! Ah, well–like all of Obama’s czars, she’s completely unqualified to do the job (she has a BA in English, just what you want for a science position).

  2. I hope enough of us responsible voters and taxpayers hold the fire to our politicians.

    We literally cannot afford to let these people ruin our standards of living more than they have!

    If there were any justice, Al Gore should be put in jail for profiting off his fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s done insider speculation and manipulation as much as the worst junk-bond dealers on the markets.

    He’s been an enabler as much as the MSM has for all the green nonsense fed to the public since the early 1990s.

    You can still bet though that the scientists begging for government grant money and old 60’s has-beens like a few professors I’ve known will still claim AGW is real!

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