There is No AGW

The Climate Gate scandal showed plenty of evidence that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax perpetrated by scientists and politicians seeking wealth and fame by exploiting the eco-guilt trip through taxes and power grabs. But the skeptics are pressing the issue by providing more proof now that they are given even more of a chance to speak out. One that was denied to them before. Check out this series of videos.

But this is not stopping the Obama administration from showing how anti-science they are. Their EPA is about to declare CO2 a “dangerous pollutant”. Which has been Obama’s position all along. If you need more evidence of his stupidity, there you go. We happen to be carbon-based life forms. All life on earth breathes out CO2. Plants live on the stuff. It’s part of the life cycle. Anyone who claims to be a scientist and says CO2 is bad for the environment is a fraud. Point blank.

Yet the frauds continue to operate as nothing happened. They want to continue with their global tax plans.

Now that they are fleeing Mann and the CRU’s data, some are attempting to use NASA data to back up their AGW claims. Bad move. Especially since they admit dumping data.

We skeptics will not let this rest until the people who are responsible for this scam are held accountable. The tide is turning. Finally.

UPDATE: And yet the Obama administration is making an end run around Congress using the EPA to go after companies without Cap and Trade even passing. Fascism 101, go around the laws to enact your autocratic policies.

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