Three Good Movies to Check Out

2012 was a great year for movies. There were a few I missed which I finally caught up on that I highly recommend.

LIFE OF PI: Ang Lee’s story of a young man cast a drift on a lifeboat with a tiger is really a classic and original film. Extremely beautiful to watch and stars one of my favorite actors, Irrfan Khan, who plays the older Pi. HE spins a yarn about his adventure which is fantastic and like a modern day Arabian Nights tale or something. What I loved about it was, despite the nature of the story, it wasn’t full of typical BS. The Tiger is not anthropomorphicated like so many animals in a Hollywood film. I never once felt it was CGI either. Even though it probably was in most cases (if not all). It was extremely well done. If you think movies have gotten stake check this one out. It’s not at all. And it;s a very life affirming film. Easily Ang Lee’s best effort to date.

ROBOT AND FRANK: I wanted to see this last year when it came out but it went by really fast before I had a chance. Now its coming out on DVD and I highly recommend it, Frank is a retired jewel thief who lives alone in the woods in Upstate New York. His son is worried about him because he seems to be slowly losing his memories, so he gets him a robot caretaker. Frank resents it at first but when he realizes he can train it to pick locks he finds he has a new friend. Its a nice little film full of good actors. Frank Langella playing the lead. James Marsden is the son, Liv Tyler his daughter and Susan Sarandon his love interest.

STAND UP GUYS: This isn’t as good as the other two but enjoyable none the less. Al Pacino just gets out of prison and one of his only friends on earth is waiting for him, played by Christopher Walken. Pacino and Walken know its his last night on earth because he has a hit on him. So they spend the evening having various adventures. Alan Arkin plays their old wheel man and Mark Margolis is the mob boss who wants Pacino dead. It’s nice to see all those actors together in one movie. Margolis was in Scarface with Pacino as the hit man who wanted to blow up a guy at the UN. I dont know if Walken or Arkin worked with him before but its entertaining. Not an action movie, for the record. More of a character piece.

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