Tomorrow's Mass-acre

If Scott Brown wins tomorrow in Massachusetts, it will send a very clear signal that the Democrats days of pushing American’s around are coming to a close. I’m sure, in a last ditch attempt, they will try to ram through Obamacare, but they may find the votes hard to come by as many Dems will see the ship is sinking and will abandon the bill.

However, they have shown an inclination to do kamikaze style voting on this monstrosity. They may go down in flames and still get this monster through. If they do,it will bring about some real change, because in November the public will vote in whoever vows to kill the bill. It may get passed, signed into law, but a new House can cut off the funding and let it wither on the vine.

This year will be a real indication of how much the people really care. A lot of politicians will be utterly clueless. They will blame it on unemployment (a factor to be sure), white anger (aren’t you sick of the racism from these creeps?), etc. They will probably deny tea party people have any kind of influence but they would be wrong. They have tried to marginalize honest Americans who just wanted to be heard and in the process have created a monster. One that will kill them.

I expect Brown to win. I expect the Dems to cheat. Al indications are in Brown’s favor. The degree will determine the spin coming out of Washington. If he kills it. they will have to see the writing on the wall. It will be a shot at Obama’s policies in that case. If it’s close, they will just say it’s Coakley’s fault.

UPDATE: Told ya.

Now we see how badly the Dems react. Do they see the light or make things worse? Their reaction to this election will set the course for November. I suspect the leadership will act badly. They are drunk on their own hubris. They are out of their depth and Obama is too vain to realize that this was a message to him.

This is going to be an interesting year.

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  1. My only concern is that he’ll have to win by at least 8% to 10% to have a chance of getting past the ACORN voter fraud, the Dem lawyer quibbling, and the endless Franken-type recounts. Even then, he’s not going to get approved until the maximum delay has been applied.
    But I sure hope he wins. It would be a real hit to the Dems and their claim that conservative thinking is a fringe idea. Even better, Obama has laid it on the line for Coakley. If she goes down, this will leave him…what…four for four in “helping” Dems get elected?
    I do think it’s important to note Brown is a bit of a RINO, so I hope people don’t have too many hopes for him. He’s a pretty good fiscal conservative, but pretty left on social matters. But I’ll take that.

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