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  1. Hud,

    I think you’re off base about the effects.

    If anything, the look of Tron is iconic and the light cycles and character uniforms in the virtual world still hold up. (Frankly, I like the older designs BETTER than what’s shown in that trial film.) The Tron designs have been copied in countless videogame take-offs. There are at least 4, maybe a half-dozen public domain games that are based off the lightcycle race in the game!

    The effects weren’t what killed Tron… It was the bad script and lackluster performances that did the movie in. For crying out loud, the Tron arcade games are MUCH better than the movie ever was!

    So far, I have yet to see a movie based on an arcade game (or movie ABOUT videogames) that is any good. (I’ll give you War Games — that may be the only good fictional videogame-based movie.) The closest thing to a recent good videogame movie is the documentary, “The King of Kong.” Billy Mitchell was a better villain in that film than the MCP or Sark in Tron ever were!

    Right now, everything about Tron 2 is speculation. This movie has been talked about for over 5 years now and there was even a quickly forgotten videogame sequel that was supposed to precede the new film back when the original XBox was still being supported! The “Tron 2” footage at SDCC is the same stuff shown last year that’s been talked about to death. It does not represent actual finished film footage or actual plot. It’s just a test and could be a dead end just like Richard Hatch’s Galactica trailer film was, too.

  2. George –

    I can think of one movie that I thought adapted its video game source material pretty well: Mortal Kombat.

    The rest are garbage.

  3. Just found out today that Disney is well into production of Tron 2… they’re in post supposedly.

    Source — somebody I know in another forum who works in film at a London-based studios. He often sees peeks of American films months before official release.

    I trust the guy. He doesn’t lie about this stuff or make things up like many of the film entertainment websites do.

    Not crazy about these sequels to 20-plus-year-old films but somebody thinks they can make money off these retreads…

  4. I dunno, I’m the only one who’s looking forward to the new film, as the original TRON is still one of my favorite movies ever. Mom and I went to see it in theaters back in 1982, but before that, probably as far back as 1981, I’ve seen plenty of behind-the-scenes TV specials by Disney that showed many of the computer-animated footage (including the test shot of the MCP)! Then, I found it was all being done for a movie! I was really excited.

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