Trump and the Future

So the GOP is dead according to a lot of papers and Facebook peeps. Really? Have you not been paying attention since 2000 or longer? The GOP has never really stood for anything for a long time. It’s made noises like it did, and it’s pundits made all these grandiose claims, but the proof is always in the deeds, not words.

As for the Democrats, fuggedaboutit. They have sold out the country in so many ways. And the party is rigged. Ask Bernie supporters. The Dems, like the GOP, is bought by special interests and they make a lot of noise claiming they stand for this and that but in reality, they have been cheerleading American decline for some time. They have been very creating in rearranging chairs on the Titanic. Focusing their voter’s attention on utter BS while serious problems have been ignored.

So I’m not surprised that Trump won the nomination. Like it or not, he was the only candidate really speaking out on the dysfunction of our government. The others talked like they did, but they sounded canned. Trump has been saying a lot of the stuff he says for decades. Go do a youtube search and you’ll see what I mean. I have no idea if he will be good or effective. I suspect he will better than people think. The is a successful businessman. His failed companies are not a sign of anything other than normalcy. Most businesses don’t succeed. But he has managed to come back from failure many times. I also think he will win. His latest success is due to people being fed up with the status quo.

The same thing is driving Bernie Sanders success. He would have the Dem nomination if not for the rigged party politics. Trump and Sanders are more similar that you think. They are both outsiders. Both populists. Both are called nuts by the political elites. That’s because both are a threat to the status quo.

What happens next is scary, perhaps, but not as scary as more of the same. We’ll have over 20 trillion in debt when BO leaves office. There are more people out of the labor force since Carter. No control at our borders. There has been little to no GDP growth. The world is on the brink of war. I could go on, but it’s all going to become very real, very soon.

It had a pretty strong feeling that Trump would be the nominee around the first debate, even before. When I saw he was serious this time, I saw what he was doing. A great video explaining his methods are here. He is not a stupid man. Anyone who thinks he’s dumb is misinformed.

This election was coming for a long time. We let fools and charlatans wreck our country. Let’s just hope this time, maybe we have a chance to right the ship of state.

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