Two Million in DC

Blows away any antiwar protest or other marches I can think of. We’ll see if that scares the Dems into bailing on their ridiculous spending plans.

Unfortunately, I had to miss my tea party here in San Diego as I had to work. But I am really happy to see the turn out. Congress better get the message. People are really mad and these are not all conservatives. Many of them are Democrats and Independents.

Obama is set to become a lame duck president before his first year in office is over.

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  1. Remember how the MSM raved about the massive, unprecedented crowd at Obama’s inauguration and how that showed that America was embracing the message of Hope and Change and Obama clearly had a mandate? Well, this one appears to have been nearly TWICE that size. (I’m sure they’ll be busy spinning it like mad for the next week.) I hope that a lot of politicians are watching it with genuine fear in their hearts.
    Also, remember the carpet of garbage left behind by the Obama crowd? You literally couldn’t seen the grass in many places. The last pics I saw showed the Tea Party folks leaving behind an almost spotless Mall.

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