Under the Weather

How Ironic. I’ve been under the weather the last few days or I would be posting up a storm about all this news. Boy, is it great to see the beginning of the end of the Climate Change hoax. At least, that’s the hope. The Obama administration and the major networks are pretending nothing happened and are carrying on their absurd claims. In fact, the other day I was in a lobby where they had CNN on, and lo and behold, they were talking about global warming without batting an eye. Sickening.

We live in insane times. We have a complete fraud for a president, an incompetent who’s either trying to ruin the US or is doing it by being a completely clueless boob and hiring people worse than he is. You have to flip a coin to figure it out.

But people are fighting back and they are not taking the lies anymore at face value. While the president acts like a .02% drop in unemployment is cause for celebration, we all know it means nothing since a lot of people get temp jobs this time of year. His jobs summit was attended by toadies and eco-frauds like Paul Krugman. Basically Obama supporters and not anyone who could actually have anything useful to say. And the solutions coming out of that conference did not involve tax cuts or other things that would help business.

But that .02% drop, well, wow! That took the prez by surprise. They started using that as proof that things were getting better. This is from the same guy who still believes in Global Warming. Comforting.

But back to the Climate Change deal. Jammie Wearing Fool has the theory the CRU email leaker is James Hansen, the so called “father of global warming”. I find that hard to believe, but wouldn’t that be rich. Considering he’s the biggest pusher of this crap this side of Al Gore.

I suspect the Copenhagen thing will be entertaining this year. Provided Obama doesn’t sign any treaties while he’s there.

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  1. At least Hansen has spoken out about a carbon trading scheme (he is totally opposed to it). If we are going to get lead down this path the least insane way is with a revenue-neutral tax. That way, at least the market is involved, and it is the easiest to get rid of when the masses have finally been unfooled.

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