USA Should Thank Julian Assange?

According to this Atlantic article, they should. Because the leaked memos show that America has been on the up and up and hasn’t been involved in the kind of nefarious plots that its critics often accuse it of. In fact, it has shown how disreputable many other countries actually are and how corrupt.

There are examples of corruption here and there from US diplomats, including Hillary Clinton calling for state department diplomats to engage in identity theft. But over all, the information in these cables has been enlightening and helpful in exposing some important truths. Such as Saudi Arabia being a supporter of Al Qaeda, Obama using bullying tactics to try to get nations on board the Climate train, etc. The only people who should be afraid of Wikileaks are corrupt politicians. When you hear some of them call for Assange’s death, you have to wonder about them.

The “he’s a terrorist” argument is also absurd. Who is he terrorizing exactly? Bureaucrats? The world’s smallest violin is playing now.

Assange may be a pretentious douchebag, but as the poet/artist William Blake once said: “A truth that’s told with bad intent Beats all the lies you can invent.”

Julian Assange isn’t the problem. He is merely an opportunist. The fact that so much information was able to be leaked so easily is an issue the government needs to fix. They were sloppy. That makes them look bad. And you’re seeing what happens when someone reveals how badly the government goes about its business. They punish the whistleblower.

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  1. In principle, I’ll agree with Hud.

    But god, Assange is such a douchebag! The word was invented for people like him…!

    And I’m still NOT a fan of hackers. I believe in the privacy and safety of information about myself that should only be between a lawyer, doctor, and myself. All else is rubbish!

    Hud, I don’t know if you’re a Kevin Spacey but he touches on the issue of personal privacy in people’s lives… You may want to read this article on E! Online

    It’s fairly good and demonstrates while I may not agree with all of Spacey’s politics I do agree with him on the fact that media and activists have no business barging into what people do in their bedrooms. There is a reason or two to respect the guy…

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