Van Jones: A Gift to America

Racist, Communist, Truther, Eco-Nazi Van Jones is also the “green jobs” adviser to the president. For the time being. He will probably be told to fall on his sword any day now. Because one video after another has come out with Jones making one racist, or asinine statement after another. He even put out a “hate whitey” rap CD.

The mainstream press has been more or less ignoring the controversy for now, but won’t be able to maintain this stance once Republicans come back from vacation and calling Obama out on it. He’s a huge distraction for the administration at a time when they can’t have one. The question is, will they stand by him for a while? So far they more or less have.

People say “How could he have gotten vetted when people could so easily find this stuff about him?”.

First, the White House has been bypassing the usual FBI vetting process in some cases, and czars don’t have to go through the congressional inquiry. Van Jones isn’t just some obnoxious clown. He’s window into the mentality of the white house, because Obama has appointed a lot of czars just as radical and kooky as Jones. A lot of Obama’s past associations were racists and radicals. So it’s fair to assume the white house not only knew he was a whack job, the probably agree with him. And that’s pretty scary on its own.

But it’s also turning out to be an eye opening experience for many people who had doubts about Obama and are now seeing the light. Many people thought they voted for a moderate. They’re getting the most left wing radical president ever. This administration is packed with crazed ideologues, out to tear down the US and put some socialist autocracy in its place. When you read the literature of these czars, listen to their speeches to friendly audiences, or listen to some of Obama’s, it’s pretty clear.

Of course, the usual suspects are in damage control mode trying to make this out to be some racist attack on black people. Hilarious considering the black people in question are racists themselves.

The bottom line is Van Jones has given us a look into the white house’s agenda, and now the scrutiny will be tripled.

UPDATE: As the Eagle’s would say, he’s already gone. Time to focus on the others now, like John Holdren and the creepy Mark Lloyd who wants to shut down all dissenting voices on air just like Chavez, whom he admires.

These clowns are sickening. ABC made it seem like he was the victim of right wingers, despite the fact the guy is an insane racist loon. No wonder even left wing sites are saying Obama is done.

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  1. And of course they announce his resignation just after midnight on Sunday on a holiday weekend. The MSM weren’t talking about him before…by Tuesday it’ll be “Van Who?”
    Obama was ready to hand this anti-American scumbag $30 billion to spend as he saw fit. Unbelievable.
    No wonder Obama has something 40% of his Cabinet positions unfilled. Why go through that tiresome Congressional vetting process when you can just appoint a czar (and get a free pass from the MSM)?
    The Republicans need to hammer this czar crap hard when they get back. After putting a stake through the heart of socialized medicine, anyway. (The whole health care thing is such a crock, anyway. They could solve 90% of the problem by allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines.)

  2. You’re right, Sunstein is another complete nutball who wants animals to have equal legal rights to humans, so a lawyer can represent your cat against you. He should be the next target,

  3. You gotta love how CNN has been distracting people all week by showing footages of tea party protesters who seem “racist”. They always find one or two loud mouth politically incorrect dude and keep replaying the footage of said person(s).

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