Watchmen Madness

According to Bleeding Cool, Dan DiDio wants to do more Watchmen projects now that Paul Levitz is out of the way. He is talking to other talent about it, since there is no way in hell Alan Moore will do it. Dave Gibbons is unlikely to want to draw it.

The book has been a huge cash cow for DC, making them lots of money every year. So they want top exploit it with lots of spin offs like Star Trek, Conan and other properties that have been franchised to death. If you thought Alan Moore was angry before…yikes! I can only imagine what he’s feeling.

It doesn’t surprise me, but at the same time, it’s lunacy. Nothing they do will be a true Watchmen without the creators. There are few writers in comics these days who could measure up, in my opinion, to what Moore did. And I doubt those creators would want to do it. That leaves people who would likely just do something that sucked.

Seriously, Dan. Even Rorschach wasn’t that crazy.

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  1. Didio….

    What a hack!

    Seriously, I’m just not excited by much at Marvel or DC besides the reprint projects.

    Those are the only good books they regularly put out.

    If not for the legacy reprints, I’d have next-to-nothing to do with either company.

    I’m not even that excited about Green Lantern anymore… The latest storyline proves about the only thing Johns is consistently good at is killing people off and torturing the surviving characters.

    One shock after another…

    When will the more uplifting, brighter storytelling ever return?

    It’s not likely to happen with Didio, Johns, Quesada, and Bendis in charge of these companies!

  2. I was going to leave a comment on this yesterday but I found myself entirely without words.
    All I can say now is that this “Dilbert-like” decision will fail horribly and cost a fortune. Hopefully DiDio will get booted out the door for being such a complete fool.

  3. Word has it DC will be announcing a new publisher shortly to replace Paul Levitz. We’ll see if this new person (who comes from outside comics) will have a positive effect on thing, or not.

  4. Toren,

    The word I would use to describe Didio rhymes with “fool.”

    As for Marvel, Quesada’s no better and possibly worse than Didio.

    Neither company is surviving by their monthly sales. It’s got to be the licensing and merchandizing revenues that are keeping them afloat.

    With sales at best flat (not declining as badly as they did in years past) and so many books delayed and storylines being published out of sequence (the relaunches of the original Cap and Barry Allen were royally screwed by late artists), there’s no way enough people are buying these books. No way in hell!

    I am not as confident that the iPad is the solution to the problems of the market in the US or Japan. Content is king — something fresh FOR a change as opposed to 30-40 year-old recycled storylines and stupid romance titles ( <=Spider-Man ) that never have a resolution.

    We would have all been better off if Spider-Man had ended around issue 100 and Superman stopped publishing in the 1960s instead of the mess things are today…

    I don't want to see a complete end to superheroes, but seriously new things and new blood are needed and reprints/translations of Japanese comics aren't the solution anymore than animated adaptations and live-action versions of characters are, either.

    None of that stuff has helped the bottom line.

  5. I know it’s a very dark comic, but Gerard Way’s THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY (published by Dark Horse) is actually more entertaining, IMHO, than anything new from DC or Marvel (and feels a lot like a Vertigo comic). I respect Way for having an honest-to-god imagination, creating his own characters that lend themselves to the “grimdark” routine, rather than being stuck with butchering classic characters. He was also quite harsh on current DC/Marvel stuff, too!

    I still say, DC hasn’t made a good comic since NEW FRONTIER, and the less said about Marvel, the better. At this rate, I’m more interested in other publishers. They’re not perfect, but at least they’re not rehashing the same old characters, either.

    But going back to the planned WATCHMEN sequel, let’s just say, I’m not surprised, but I am grossly disappointed. WATCHMEN is a one-shot deal, and I like that. If DC tries to continue it (and complicate it by, say, throwing Batman into the mix), they will really kill it.

    I say, scrap this sequel and leave it alone. I’d tell DC to try to come up with something new, but they’re afraid that something new would not make them as much money.

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