Waterloo Ain't Just an Abba Song

Obama and the Dems are going to crash and burn and Health Care reform will be their undoing. They have no idea how bad the fire storm they started really is. But they sure keep throwing gas on the flames.

After a feint this weekend to see if people can accept a bill without a public option, their left wing started beating them. So they went back to saying they are going to push a partisan bill through.

Even with a Senate majority, I don’t think the senate will be stupid enough to pass it. And I doubt even the congress will pass it now. Dems see the polls and the polls are dire. There’s an election next year. We’re entering the start of the political season again.

Many Dems are behind in the pols. Powerful Dems like Chris Dodd, Barbara Boxer. Republicans look good to take over governorship of many blue states like New Jersey and New York.

And the Dems keep telling real American at these town halls they’re nazis and mobsters.

If health care crashes as I suspect, Obama may not get anything passed until the election is over. And with Dems losing a llot of seats, even their majorities, he will go down as the biggest failure since Carter.

At least Carter didn’t quadruple the debt.

UPDATE: Kuicinich and Conyers was Medicare for all. Medicare is on reason why health care cost got out of hand in the first place. And its broke. And it’s dying. Dems have no ideas except bad ones.

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