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As you may know I am an Eisner Awards judge this year. We’ll be going away starting this Thursday for the weekend to decide which books get nominated for voting. Here is the list of web comics we’ll be reviewing. If there are any you feel are missing, let me know ASAP.

*Abominable Charles Christopher, by Karl Kerschl, http://www.abominable.cc/
*Adventures of Ellie Connelly, by Indigo Kelleigh, http://www.ellieconnelly.com
The Adventures of White Wolf, by Frank Candiloro, http://www.webcomicsnation.com/frankenm … series.php
Anders Loves Maria, by Rene Engstrom, http://anderslovesmaria.reneengstrom.co … 006-09-11/
Ants, by Julian Lytle, http://ants.julianlytle.com/
Battle of Dovecote Crest, by Hailey Bachrach and Bridget Underwood, http://www.dovecotecrest.com
*Bayou, by Jeremy Love, http://zudacomics.com/bayou
Bear Beater Bunyan, by Josh Hechinger and Jorge Martinez (Robot Comics mobile comics)
*Bear Nuts, by Alison Acton, http://www.bearnuts.com
Bear Quest, by Zach Taylor, http://www.gnourg.com/bear.
Bear Vs. Zombies, by Isaiah McAllister, http://bearvszombies.com/?p=5
Box 13, by David Steinberger, http://box13comic.com
*Brat-Halla, by Jeffrey Stevenson and Seth Damoose, http://brat-halla.com/comic/333-backup-dad-peppery/
*Cakewalk, by Rachel Bormann and Nate Powell, http://www.topshelfcomix.com/ts2.0/cakewalk/1 (Could also be a candidate for Best Short Story)
Cat Rackham, by Steve Wolfhard, http://www.catrackham.com/
*Celadore, by Caanan Grall, http://zudacomics.com/celadore
Chester 5000 XYV, by Jess Finke, http://jessfink.com/Chester5000XYV/ (Note: Not Safe for Work!)
Chicago: 1968, by Len Kody and Jenny Frison/Tony Maldonado, http://www.shadowlinecomics.com/webcomics/chicago1968
The Concrete World, by David Hignight, http://www.theconcreteworld.com
*Dead Heaven, by Chris Steininger, http://www.deadheaven.net/Pages/page00001.html
*Death-Day, by Sam Hiti, http://www.samhiti.com
*The Devil’s Panties, by Jennie Breeden, http://devilspantieskeenspot.com/
Dorohedoro, http://www.sigIKKI.com
*Dr. Grordborth Presents Victory: Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men and Literate Women, by Greg Broadmore
*Dreamland Chronicles, by Scott Christian Sava, http://www.thedreamlandchronicles.com
Drive, by Dave Kellett, http://www.sheldoncomics.com/archive/090815.html
Eerie Cuties, by Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon http://www.eeriecuties.com
endtown, by Aaron Neathery, http://www.moderntales.com/comics/endtown.php
The Eternal City, by Sergio Carrera (Robot Comics mobile comics)
Evan Yeti, by Mat Washburn, http://www.evanyeti.com
Evil Inc, by Brad Guigar, http://www.evil-comic.com/archive/20090803.html
*Fast Forward, by Vanessa Davis, http://www.tabletmag.com/life-and-relig … t-forward/
*Freak Angels, by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield, http://www.freakangels.com
The Futurists, by Mitch Breitweiser and Patrick Stiles, http://www.whoarethefuturists.com/Futur … ode_1.html
ghostboy, by Jason James (Robot Comics mobile comics)
Gingerbread Houses, by Alexander Danner & Edward J. Grug III, http://www.moderntales.com/comics/gingerbread.php
*Girl Genius, by Phil Foglio, http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php
*Goats, by Jonathan Rosenberg, http://www.goats.com (2008 stories begin at http://www.goats.com/archive/081223.html) (we have collections)
God TM, by Elan Rodger Trinidad, http://theoryofeverythingcomics.com/god/01/index.htm
Graphic Therapy, by Emily Steinberg, http://www.smithmag.net/graphictherapy/
Gunnerkrigg Court, by Tom Siddell, http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/index2.php
*The Guns of Shadow Valley, by David Wachter and James Andrew Clark, http://www.gunsofshadowvalley.com/
Hannibal Goes to Rome, by Brendan McGinley and Mauro Vargas, http://www.shadowlinecomics.com/webcomi … goestorome
Hardcore Fetish Boys, by Justin King, http://dapshow.com/hfb
Heartless Dark, by Phillip Sevy, http://www.heartlessdark.com
*High Moon, by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, http://zudacomics.com/high_moon
Horse & Rider, by Eliza Frye, http://www.narrativemagazine.com/authors/eliza-frye
House of Five Leaves, http://www.sigIKKI.com
I’ll Give It My All
Tomorrow, http://www.sigIKKI.com
I Rule the Night. by Kevin Colden, http://zudacomics.com/i_rule_the_night
Jane’s World, by Paige Braddock, http://comics.com/janes_world/
*King Spot, by Mike Leung, http://www.king-spot.com/ScrollAnyAxis/index.html
Kisenga, by Katarina Emgård, http://www.kisenja.com
*Lackadaisy, by Tracy Butler, http://www.lackadaisycats.com (click on “comic”)
Legend of Bill, by David Reddick, http://www.legendofbill.com
Lovecraft Is Missing (issues 2 and 3), by Larry Latham, lovecraftismissing.com.
*Luci Phurr’s Imps, by Courtney Huddleston and i Dale Mettam, http://www.luciphurrsimps.com
Manmachine, http://www.fightevilwithevil.com
Maoh: Juvenile Remix, http://www.ShonenSunday.com
*Martin Koala, by David Houry, http://www.MartinKoala.com
*The Meek, by Der-Shing Helmer, http://www.meekcomic.com/2009/01/01/chapter-1-page-1/
*Melody, by ilias kyriazis, http://zudacomics.com/melody
*Menage a 3, by Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon http://www.menagea3.net
*Mugwhump the Great, by Roger Langridge, http://www.webcomicsnation.com/rogerlangridge/mugwhump/
My Milk Toof, by Inhae Lee, http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com/
*My T-shirt Fairy, by Adrian Rios, mytshirtfairytale.info
Never Forget, Never Forgive, by Rami Efal, http://www.activatecomix.com/84-1.comic
*The Night Owls, by Bobby Timmony, http://zudacomics.com/the_night_owls
North World, by Lars Brown, http://north-world.com (we have book collections)
Order of Tales, by Evan Dahm, http://www.rice-boy.com/order/
Panda Force, by Sean Causley: http://www.pandaforcecomic.con
Paradise Misplaced, by Anonymus Gosh, http://www.paradisemisplaced.si
*Pibgom, by Brooke McEldowney, http://www.gocomics.com/pibgorn (books provided)
Pinkerton Park, by Mike Witmer, http://www.pinkertonpark.com
Platinum Grit, by Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy, http://www.shadowlinecomics.com/webcomics/platinumgrit
Primary, by Rachel Dukes, http://www.primarycomic.com
*The Prisoner Graphic Novel, by M. Scott Veach, Mitchell Breitweiser and Cliff Richards, http://www.amctv.com/originals/the-pris … hic-novel/
*The Red Rope, by Mike Barry, http://www.nownotyet.net
Rine-ne, http://www.ShonenSunday.com
Silly Daddy Comics, by Joe Chiapetta, http://joechiappetta.blogspot.com/search/label/family
Simone & Ajax: The Case of the Maltese Duck, by Andrew Pepoy, on comixmix (printout provided)
*Sin Titulo, by Cameron Stewart, http://www.sintitulocomic.com/2007/06/17/page-01
*Sinfest, by Tatsuya Ishida, http://www.sinfest.net
Skin Horse, by Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells, http://www.skin-horse.com
*Spain and Morocco, by Alex Fellows, http://www.spainandmorocco.com/?p=6
*Street Code, by Dean Haspiel, http://zudacomics.com/street_code
*Super Fogeys, by Brock Heasley, http://www.superfogeys.com
Tails, by Ethan Young, tailscomic.com
Tumor, by Josh Fialkov and Noel Tuazon, http://www.tumorcomic.com/?page_id=36 (for Kindle; we have printout)
Tune: Praxis & Allies, by Derek Kirk Kim, http://derekkirkkim.blogspot.com/2009/0 … ter-1.html
Ubunchi, by Hiroshi Seo (Robot Comics mobile comics)
Valentine, by Alex de Campi and Christine Larsen (Robot Comics mobile comics)
Weird Fishes, by Jamaica Dyer, http://www.jamaicad.com/comic/
Where Grows the Bitter Herb, by Ben Powis (Robot Comics mobile comics)
Wondermark, by David Malki, http://www.wondermark.com
World of Hurt, by Jay Potts, http://www.worldofhurtonline.com
*Year of the Rat, by Cayetano Garza Jr., http://magicinkwell.com/?cat=404
*Zegas, by Michel Fiffe, http://www.act-i-vate.com/92-1-1.comic

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  1. So that’s roughly 100+ web comics. To do a decent job you’d have to read at least 5 minutes worth of the 90 percent that probably aren’t award quality, then half an hour each on the last 10. That works out to 12.5 hours of reading just web comics, straight with no breaks.

    You must have an amazing constitution.

    You should just do what a comics retailer friend of mine who was an Eisner judge once did. Wait for the independent comics creators to come lobbying for a nomination. You get to meet a lot of cute female comics artists that way and it’s a lot less work.

  2. But I thought the deadline submissions for the Eisners was on March 8th, according to the announcement on comic-con.org


    Considering new web comics at this point wouldn’t be fair to those who’ve abide by submission rules.

    Plus, aren’t the publisher/creator supposed to submit? Not the fans.

    –unless the rules have changed at this point. I think it would be fair to announce the change of rules on comic-con.org

    • Yes, I understand that.

      But on the Call for Entries page, doesn’t it say in large bold letters:

      “All submissions should be sent before the deadline of March 8, 2010”

      If I’m not mistaken, what you’re asking for is new submissions, and if you ask me, March 23rd sounds like a long ways away from March 8th.

      Now has the submissions deadline changed?
      Or is it a rule in Eisner Judging that a judge can submit their own favorites?

      I’d be fine with this rule.

  3. Hey James! Don’t forget about Harvey Pekar and THE PEKAR PROJECT http://smithmag.net/PEKARPROJECT
    He teamed with SMITH Magazine and four artists — Tara Seibel, Joseph Remnant, Rick Parker, and Sean Pryor — to create his first ongoing webcomic series. New stories appear every other week, with interviews, creator spotlights, and behind-the-scenes goodies.

    Story archives on the bottom right!

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