What Happens When AGW Becomes More Mainstream

Thanks to Toren we have this story from the UK that shows how insane the whole thing has become. You really don’t want this nonsense to get to this point.

A controversial tribunal decision that some company practices can discriminate against employees with strongly held views on climate change will be challenged in the courts.

Senior executive Tim Nicholson claimed he was unfairly dismissed by a property investment company because his views on the environment conflicted with other managers’ “contempt for the need to cut carbon emissions”.

In the first case of its kind, an employment tribunal decided that Nicholson, 41, had views amounting to a “philosophical belief in climate change”, allowing him the same legal protection against discrimination as religious beliefs.

Nicholson, the former head of sustainability at Newcastle-based Grainger plc, says he was dismissed after disagreeing with practices including an instance where an IT worker was flown from London to Ireland to collect his BlackBerry, and another where Nicholson’s attempts to obtain data to develop a carbon management strategy were blocked.

They will try to manage and criticize every aspect of every employees life and they will do that with people’s personal lives as well. And all for a bogus theory. This is not a joke. People who buy into AGW should be careful what they wish for.

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  1. I hope they do this in the USA soon. Then we can use one of the libs favorite dodges–keep Gaia Worship from being taught in schools due to the “separation of church and state.”
    That would be sweet.

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