Where is She Now?

We’ve all seen the picture of the naked Vietnamese girl running with napalm burns on here skin. It’s an iconic picture of the Vietnam war. Even though she was burned by North Vietnamese ordinance, a lot of anti-war people used it to attack America’s presence there.

Anyway, what every happened to her? She’s alive and well and living in Minnesota.

Obviously, she doesn’t hate the US. She moved here, raised her family here.


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  1. James:

    No big deal, but as I remember, she was hit accidentally by the SVAF dropping napalm. It was probably a South Vietnamese Air Force A-1E (AD-5) Skyraider or could have been A-37 Dragonfly. They are pictured in the second and third links below. The third is the Skyraider, and there are some great pictures of a wonderfully restored one here in the states.


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