Why Isn't Obama Defending America?

Leave it to a British paper to say something American papers are failing to do. In an editorial in the Daily Telegraph Tony Harnden asks: Why can’t Barack Obama tell the world about American tolerance? We are one of the world’s most tolerant and integrated societies. We allow religious freedom, which many countries, especially Muslim ones, do not.

Yet the unintelligencia here in the US continue to beat the drum that we’re all bigots and stupid. And Obama hasn’t done much to change that perception. Instead, he lectures us.

A president is supposed to represent us. He’s supposed to tell the world why we’re the good guys, define our positive traits, not go around apologizing and bowing and scraping to every dictator and despot.

The answer to the above question is he isn’t much of a leader and he certainly isn’t a good friend to the people of this nation. Say what you want about Bush but he obviously loved America. The dufus in chief we have now obviously doesn’t, and neither does his wife.

What the Americans are bigots meme foisted by the press fails to say is that most hate crimes are perpetrated against whites. Not Muslims. Hate crimes against Muslims are rare, even after 9/11. The press wants us to believe white people are out to get anyone different than they are. And this relentless bias against Caucasians bears some responsibility for the hate crimes against whites, which the press pretends doesn’t exist.

So America, this allegedly bigoted nation, has a black president who lectures us about tolerance while his administration dismisses cases against racist groups like the black panthers and encourages triumphalist mosques on ground zero. Great.

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